Consultation Point

Academic Entrepreneurship Consultation Point of the University of Wrocław

If you are a student, graduate or employee of the University of Wrocław and think about starting your own business, apply to the Centre for Technology Transfer! Our team has hands-on experience in creating and running their own business projects, which they are happy to share with you.

What does the Academic Entrepreneurship Consulting Point of the University of Wrocław offer?

Support in preparing a business plan

We will help map out a path from a general idea to the plan of implementing it. We will point out milestones – the most essential stages of the road to the success of your venture.

Contact with business environment institutions

As part of the University of Wrocław, we benefit from a vast network of contacts of companies and institutions that may be useful in the implementation of your project. We will help you contact institutions that provide office space, financial or infrastructural support.

Promotion of your business

The University of Wrocław supports initiatives created by students, graduates and employees. If you would like us to share your initiative with the world, please contact us.

Assistance in finding financing

Lack of funds to pursue business goals is a significant psychological barrier to thinking about your own business. We can help you forget about these limitations by showing you the way to get the financing you need. Think big!

Why is it worth using our support?

Support from practitioners

The team of the Centre for Technology Transfer is composed of individuals with experience in running their own companies and obtaining funds to run them.

A wide range of activities

The University of Wrocław offers education in sciences as well as in social sciences and humanities.

Cooperation network

The University of Wrocław has a wide network of contacts and cooperation in various sectors – from industry, through the public and local government sector to business environment institutions.


University is not just about books and classes. At the Technology Transfer Centre, we strive to put knowledge into practice. In addition, we focus on establishing partnerships with business.

University brand

The strength of the University is its reputation, which opens many doors. By cooperating with the University of Wrocław, you will gain the opportunity to accelerate your business growth.


The largest Polish and foreign companies use our scientists’ experience and achievements. Maybe yours will be next?

How to benefit from our support? (FAQ)

How to contact us?

Below you will find the contact form. Fill it out and our team will contact you. We are flexible – we can meet in person although, in the time of the pandemic, it will be easier to contact us on MS Teams.

What is the scope of the support provided by the Consultation Point?

Despite our best efforts, we will not be able to prepare a complete business plan or grant application for you. We focus on developing your creativity – contact us, show us what you have been working on so far and we will do our best to help you refine your idea. We will give you practical advice. However, if something is beyond our organisational capacity, we will point you in the direction of where to go to get the support you need.

What partners do we work with?

The most important business environment institutions we cooperate with are Wrocław Technology Park, whose offer we share on other pages in the section entitled “Academic Entrepreneurship”, and Concordia Design Wrocław Creativity and Business Centre. These institutions are our strategic partners in entrepreneurship development.

Additionally, it is worth remembering that the University of Wrocław is a large institution that cooperates with many business entities – academics you know from lectures or classes are involved not only in teaching. They are often engaged in various research and implementation projects developed in cooperation with large companies, where you would love to work with them after graduation. Perhaps, you should get involved in the initiatives at your faculty, like, for example, working in the scientific associations?

Who can benefit from the support of the Consultation Point?

We dedicate our support to people connected with the University of Wrocław – to students, graduates and academics.


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