SKRZYNIA Integrative Business Incubator


If you are a student, doctoral student, graduate or research worker of the University of Wrocław and you want to start your own business, we invite you to get acquainted with the offer of SKRZYNIA Integrative Business Incubator of Wrocław Technology Park.

SKRZYNIA Integrative Business Incubator was established at Wrocław Technology Park to support and develop barrier-free business. It is dedicated to all companies that are at the beginning of their business journey.

The Incubator is an architecturally accessible place for people with disabilities. Its most important goal is to support them in professional and social activation and business integration. It is also a place where many events, training sessions and workshops take place and where experience, networking and inspiration are exchanged. Entrepreneurs from various industries can benefit from our support during the five-year incubation period. We provide additional, specialised support to companies run by people with disabilities and companies that employ them or want to employ them.

As part of the Integration Business Incubator, there is the Information Centre where – in one place – we provide know-how and expert support on how people with disabilities can get a job or start a business and how to employ such people. The Incubator also gives the opportunity to establish new contacts, use the help of a career counsellor, job coach or psychologist.


Friendly building environment

The immediate surroundings of the Incubator building are paved with special paving stones to facilitate the movement of individuals on wheelchairs.

Labels on the doors in the building

Doors in the Incubator building have been provided with yellow labels to make the facility easier to navigate for the visually impaired.


The TOTUPOINT system has been installed in the building to facilitate mobility for the visually impaired.

Braille labels

The rooms in the Incubator have labels in Braille to make it easier for the visually impaired to move around.

Relaxation and tranquillity zone

The Incubator has a relaxation zone and a quiet room to allow people with disabilities to rest.

Parking spaces

Next to the Incubator building, there are specially designated and clearly marked parking spaces for people with disabilities.

Lift with hands-free system

Winda umożliwiająca dotarcie na każde piętro budynku, wyposażona jest w system głośnomówiący wspierający osoby niedosłyszące.

Induction loop

The reception area of the Incubator is equipped with an induction loop to facilitate communication with people who have hearing aids.

Communication in sign language

The Incubator offers a “Communication without Barriers” application that allows connecting with a sign language interpreter.

Facility operation support

There is a building security desk at the main entrance to the Incubator building in which assistance and necessary directions can be obtained.


Information Centre

The Information Centre in the Integrative Business Incubator is a place where people can obtain information on employment and business start-ups for people with disabilities as well as on the employment of people with disabilities by small- and medium-sized companies.

Support in promoting the company

Entrepreneurs operating in the Integrative Business Incubator gain the opportunity to promote their companies. We enable them to participate in national and international fairs and exhibitions. We also provide support in promoting the company in the media as well as on the Internet.

Package of consulting and training services

In the Incubator, people with disabilities can receive training on getting a job or starting their own business. Within the frameworks of the counselling, they will also be provided with information about their rights, grants and programmes they can take advantage of.

Preferential rental terms

The Incubator offers more than 1,000 square metres of office space that is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. It can be rented on particularly preferential terms to people with a disability certificate and companies that employ them.

Integration and networking

The Incubator provides training, workshops and networking meetings for entrepreneurs and people with disabilities who want to become economically active. We also provide job coaching, career counselling and employment support for people with disabilities.

Access to the infrastructure and resources of Wrocław Technology Park

Entrepreneurs operating in the Incubator can take advantage of the comprehensive business offer of Wrocław Technology Park, which is described in the Stellar Hub business development programme. It provides cooperating companies with the support they need at a given point in their development.

You can learn more about the business incubators run by Wrocław Technology Part on:

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