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Procedure for concluding a contract for scientific and research services.


If you are a scientific employee of the University of Wrocław or a head of a substantial unit and you want to carry out an order for a scientific and research service for an external entity, please contact the Centre for Technology Transfer of the University of Wrocław. We will help you negotiate favourable terms of the contract with the ordering party, complete on your behalf the formalities related to concluding the contract and circulating the documents within the university so that you can focus on the work.


  • Contact with the Centre for Technology Transfer
    Please provide basic information regarding your future assignment. We will determine together whether you need the support of an employee of the Centre for Technology Transfer in negotiating the terms of a contract or whether the Centre for Technology Transfer will only deal with the efficient handling of the document flow at the university so that the contract with the ordering party is concluded quickly.
  • Negotiation of contract terms
    Once the necessary information is obtained, the employee of the Centre for Technology Transfer will contact the ordering party to negotiate or confirm prior arrangements. At this stage, all essential contract provisions such as the price, completion dates, work schedule, or payments will be agreed upon. In the case of large orders, i.e., more than PLN 100,000.00 and lasting longer than one calendar year, it is necessary to include in the contract the settlements in tranches after each stage of the performed work.
  • Contract preparation
    After obtaining the complete information, the employee of the Centre for Technology Transfer will prepare a draft contract for scientific and research services. We use the University’s current model contract: [link – contract for scientific research services]. Using the model contract will expedite the timing of the contract because the model contract is approved by the Office of Attorneys-at-Law and does not require a second opinion from that unit. It is also possible to use a different model contract proposed by the ordering party. If this is the case, keep in mind that the contract may take longer to process because it will require the approval of the Office of Attorneys-at-Law.
  • Formal application for performing the scientific and research service
    After discussing all the details with the ordering party, the employee of the Centre for Technology Transfer will help, or prepare on your behalf, an application for executing your order. The application contains basic information: the ordering party’s data, the scope of the planned service, the list of the contractors’ names, the schedule of work execution and payments, the calculation of indirect costs connected with the execution of the service. The application form can be found below: [link – application for performing the scientific and research service]
    To have the application processed, you will also need an order calculation, which will be prepared for you by the faculty representative for administrative and financial matters. The employee of the Centre for Technology Transfer will contact the faculty on your behalf to prepare a calculation and for the Dean to approve the application and draft contract.
  • Conclusion of the contract
    The contract must then be financially approved by the chief accountant. It then goes to the Rector for signature. The smooth circulation of the contract is supervised by the Centre for Technology Transfer, which is responsible for transferring the document between units and obtaining necessary approvals. The Centre for Technology Transfer forwards the contract to the ordering party for signature and then registers it.
  • Execution of the contract
    At this stage, the contract is executed, i.e., the service is performed. As an order contractor, you must be mindful of the contract provisions regarding work schedule and payments. If payments are made in tranches, then settlements for individual stages of services are made on the basis of partial invoices issued by the unit where the service is performed, based on the work schedule in the prepared application.
  • Contract settlement
    Once the service has been rendered, it should be reported to the faculty representative for administrative and financial matters, who will issue a VAT invoice and forward it to the ordering party and the accounting unit.

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